The View from On Board

This month, as part our Refugee Week and World Refugee Day celebrations, our blogs and podcasts are focusing on exploring the first-hand accounts of people who have experienced forced migration. During our current SAR mission, the MOAS crew have distributed a special camera among the people we have rescued while they are on board the Phoenix, inviting them to document their time with us. Here we share with you photographs taken by Walid, a barber from Damascus in Syria, David, a young man from Cameroon, and Saleem, a 32-year-old man from Libya, and their companions.

Walid (left) and his friend on board the Phoenix

David (centre) and travelling companions

Walid: The Phoenix passes in front of Mount Etna on its way to disembark

Walid: help with the clean-up on board

Walid: MOAS rescue swimmer Paul (centre) with MOAS crew and beneficiaries

Walid’s photograph of the Mediterranean sunset

David: A migrant looks out over top deck

David: A group of men from Bangladesh rescued by the Phoenix crew

Walid: A beneficiary warming up rice on board

Walid with Annie, MOAS paramedic

Walid: Alex, MOAS Able Seaman, chats with a beneficiary

Walid: When the Phoenix is full, every corner is useful

Walid’s companion looks over the water

Saleem: The view from Saleem’s spot on deck

Walid on top deck as post-rescue care is delivered

Saleem: Top deck from below

David’s travelling companion poses for a selfie

Saleem: A view of Malta

David: A fellow passenger rests on board the Phoenix

David: Three of David’s companions find some shade under a RHIB

Saleem: Resting on the lower deck

David: A friend waits to disembark

David with fellow passengers

David: Relieved travellers rest having received water and a hot meal

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