We continue to provide aid and assistance along the world’s most dangerous migration routes.

MOAS in Malta

In Malta, MOAS has been committed to supporting the migrant and refugee communities present on the island by providing assistance and support based on individual needs. We run several different projects ranging from education and personal development initiatives, sport and wellbeing to English language classes.

One of the major projects on the island is the provision of Information and Learning Centres in the refugee camps at Hal Far. This project sees MOAS establishing multifunctional learning spaces at the Open Centres. The curation of these centres has been guided by beneficiary needs. MOAS conducted interviews with migrants and NGOs to establish the key services that would be beneficial at the centres. These will be fully operational in 2022, our hope is for these learning centers to be equipped with educational resources such as computers, books and other learning tools and the center’s residents will have access to educational opportunities, training and vocational activities, CV writing workshops, job support and more.

MOAS has delivered a Remote Learning Initiative in Malta. This project in ongoing and provides tablets and modems to migrant families to help children and full-time adult learners keep up with their studies. In 2021, MOAS has managed a portfolio of these remote learning packs and we hope to donate more in the coming year.

On the island, MOAS is providing an ‘English for Beginners’ course to residents at some of the transitional housing centers: this course is adapted according to the needs of the asylum seeker beneficiaries and the aim is to build confidence in listening to and speaking English. The lessons, which focus primarily on conversational English, both boost the participants’capacity to integrate into the local community and better access community resources. English language acquisition can be vital for participants to access better employment and build connections in the community. Ultimately, English classes play a vital role in the holistic well-being of refugees and the societies that welcome them.

MOAS is continuing to provide support to migrants with complex health needs on the island. We organise Hospital Visits to migrants receiving treatment, to ensure they felt supported and had access to services; we also provide them with care packages to support them through recovery. We have helped co-ordinate at home care for individuals who need additional support once they return home after treatment.

The MOAS’ Family Hosting Project was a new initiative in 2021. The aim of this pilot project was for MOAS to match migrants with Maltese families, so that they had access to holistic support while continuing their education. This is a unique process of integration that focuses on cultural exchange and building connections through participation.

Our projects focus on supporting beneficiaries to gain autonomy and continue their education and make concrete plans for his future. We want participants to be able to actively contribute to the society and use the skills and connections they develop through our projects, to facilitate their growth and self-sufficiency within a new social setting.