RMHC Latvia MMU & MOAS Mission Ukraine 2022

Since 20th April 2022 the RMCH Latvia MMU has been an active and operational part of MOAS’ emergency medical response program in Ukraine.

The MMU is fully equipped and stocked to provide medical consultation, primary healthcare and basic treatments to those impacted by the reduced service availability and infrastructural reliability cause by the escalating conflict in Ukraine.

The MMU is manned by MOAS’ medical team, made up of Ukrainian speaking doctors, who provide one-on-one consultations, therapeutic services and signposting advice to up to 57 people per day. It has been most active in Hostomel, Irpin and Bucha, three or the worst affected regions of Kyiv oblast, where the services are desperately needed to support the local health structure which has been badly affected by heavy fighting in the area.

The RMHC Latvia MMU will remain active, supplementing state health facilities and providing care in areas where it is not currently available, for as long as it’s needed and able.

Dr Oksana Dmytriieva, Member of Parliament and Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, was instrumental in facilitating the placement and monitoring of the program in-country had this to say about the project: “Every day this clinic is treating dozens of patients, they give advice, you can check your blood pressure and sugar levels and so on- and it’s all free of charge! We give you our thanks for helping to maintain the health of our citizens when it’s hard to get to a doctor or a pharmacy right now”.

MOAS’ medical coordinator had this to say:MOAS is grateful to RMHC Latvia for the addition of this asset to our ongoing operations. It is essential during this devastating crisis not only to provide point of injury and trauma care, but also to ensure access to primary healthcare and facilitate access to regular services and essential treatment to those cut off from services as a result of the violence. We have treated hundreds of patients thanks to the generosity of RMHC Latvia and intend to treat hundreds more.”