A Lifeline
To Save


We continue to provide aid and assistance along the world’s most dangerous migration routes.


To respond to the tragic humanitarian crisis ongoing in Ukraine, on 25th February 2022 MOAS started a new program to bring emergency medical care and first response services to those impacted by the escalating violence across the country.

MOAS deployed multiple Mobile Medical Units and ambulances to provide first response services, medical evacuations and pharmaceutical aid to assist as many people as we can. Our crew of medics, supported by logistics and security personnel, are incredibly busy in the field providing point of injury care and trauma response to those caught in the conflict. Our brave team of first responders is there on the ground, where they are needed most, to reduce human suffering and mitigate the loss of life however they can.


  • MOAS is running a fleet of ambulance vehicles with varying response capabilities crewed by professional tactical medics who are experienced in field medicine and point of injury care. These Mobile Medical Units are fully equipped and stocked to respond to a multitude of emergency needs that may arise.
  • We completed several medical evacuations of chronically ill children and adults suffering from cancer, cerebral paralysis and diabetes. We provided the logistical planning, medical supervision and med-evac itself and coordinated externally to get these vulnerable families to safety.
  • We are sending life-saving medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment to stock the ambulances, but also resources to health centres as needed.

We also have the capacity to provide first aid training to civilians to increase community-based capacity in response to medical emergencies and distribute emergency kits based on resource availability.