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Current Mission – Central Mediterranean

MOAS began operating in the Central Mediterranean in 2014. Since then we have rescued and assisted in the rescue of over 30,000 people in this area alone. We are proud to have inspired other organizations to assist in the attempt to save lives at sea.

In June 2016, MOAS returned to the Central Mediterranean. Within two weeks, we had rescued over 1,000 people as migrants braved the deadliest border crossing in the world. In one day alone, June 11th, our drones located four migrant vessels in need of assistance.

Despite its heavy use, the route is becoming increasingly dangerous. The distance of the overseas journey, combined with the use of unseaworthy boats, has meant that between January and June 2016, migrant deaths in the Mediterranean increased by 67% in comparison with the same period in 2015.

As it stands, the International Organisation for Migration estimate that in 2016, 1 in 29 migrants and refugees have died attempting the Central Mediterranean crossing.

In the face of such urgent need, your support has transformed MOAS into a global foundation that is proud to prevent the loss of life at sea.

A Lifeline To Save Lives

We believe that no one deserves to die at sea – and we are working hard to ensure that no one does.