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No one should have to risk
their life to reach safety.

We continue to provide aid and assistance along the world’s most dangerous migration routes.

MOAS in Yemen

Since the start of 2019 MOAS has extended our operations to Yemen, where we have, in partnership with suppliers Edesia and Medeor and with the support of our donors, already successfully delivered 78 tonnes of nutritional aid and €240,000 worth of medical supplies to our local partner, ADRA. Our partner has since coordinated the distribution of these deliveries across 48 health facilities in local governates of Yemen.

Our famine relief products come in the form of calorie-dense bars specifically designed for children who are – or are at high risk of being –diagnosed as malnourished. With half of Yemen’s population currently at risk of famine and an estimated 85,000 children under five killed by starvation in the last three years, these deliveries will play a key part in preventing more unnecessary deaths.

Our medical shipments aim to deliver the pharmaceuticals and equipment hardest to procure in-country and most essential to providing medical care in the field. In 2020, we continue to work closely with our partner to coordinate more aid deliveries to the region and to ensure the supplies are delivered where they are needed most so that vital healthcare centres can continue to operate and lack of access to food does not claim more lives as a result of malnutrition.