MOAS Thanks Italy After Rescue of 274 Migrants

Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) on Monday rescued 274 people, including 200 Syrians, from a 15-metre wooden boat in distress.

Migrant  Offshore  Aid  Station  (MOAS)  on  Monday  rescued  274 people,  including 200 Syrians,  from a 15-metre wooden boat  in distress.MY  Phoenix  , the  40-metre  vessel  being  used  by MOAS,  was  directed to the migrant boat by Rome’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre.

The rescued migrants included 236 men, 21 women and 17 children.One of the women was nine months pregnant.

Besides  200  Syrians,  the  group  consisted  of  24  Pakistanis,  18 Moroccans,  12  Nigerians,    six  Eritreans,  four  Ghanians,  three Malians,  two  Gambians,  two  Bangladeshis,  one  person  from Ivory Coast, one from Mauritania and one from Tunisia.

The migrants were transferred to an Italian navy ship for disembarkation in Italy.

MOAS  thanked  the  Italian  authorities  for  assisting  the  rescue and  taking  the  migrants  to  Italy,  allowing  the  NGO  to  continue saving lives at sea.

“MOAS  has  been  extremely  successful  in  saving  lives  at  sea  but we  need more  funding  to  conduct  future missions. We  are  also dependent  on  the  excellent  cooperation  we  are  ]inding  from Rome’s  Maritime  Rescue  Coordination  Centre  and  Mare  Nostrum, which will unfortunately soon come to an end. We must all work  together  to  ensure  that  lives  continue  to  be  saved,”  said founder Christopher Catrambone.

Before being  transferred  to  the  Italian  boat,  the migrants were sheltered  on  Phoenix  for  around  six  hours  during  which  they were  provided  with  medical  assistance,  food,  water  and  blankets. The  MOAS  team  treated  the  migrants  for  seasickness, asthma,  an  ankle  fracture  and  other  conditions.  The temperatures of all the migrants were also taken.

Since it began operating on August 25th, MOAS has rescued more than 2,500 migrants from distressed boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea.  In  the  past  ]ive  days  alone,  MOAS  rescued  371  migrants.

Phoenix  is now on  its way back to Malta  for restocking before  it continues on  its third and final mission this year, ending on October 31st.

MOAS  is  a  private  NGO  initiative  to  save  lives  in  the  Mediterranean Sea,  one  of  the  world’s  deadliest  border  crossings.  Its aim is to provide assistance at sea in co-ordination with the Rescue Coordination Centres in the region.

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