MOAS statement regarding I SEA App

MOAS is a charity dedicated to saving lives at sea, it does not develop apps. While we provided information on the reality of operating at sea to Grey for Good, we did not develop the I SEA app. We support the idea of testing new technologies and innovations that aim to save lives at sea.

As a global NGO that rescues people at sea, we are approached by countless number of companies and innovators who would like to contribute to our cause. We make it a point to try and give advice according to our own experience in the field of search-and-rescue and in line with our humanitarian principles.

Grey for Good is a well-intentioned pro bono arm of a globally known ad agency. When they approached MOAS with the idea of an app that could crowd-source the ability to identify vessels in distress we provided input based on their real world experience. Among that advice was the need for real time input to save lives. Their goal was to feed MOAS relevant information and engage users in the idea of saving lives.

We were dismayed to discover that real time images were not being used. We have since discontinued our relationship with Grey for Good and spoken candidly about our disappointment to the media.

Our mission remains that of carrying out professional search-and-rescue efforts along the world’s most dangerous border crossing – the sea.  We will continue to work closely with supporters and continue to be open to new ideas that can save lives.  We would like to thank all those who have expressed their support and continue to believe in our work.