MOAS Magazine 2018

We are delighted to announce that MOAS’ official 2018 magazine is now available online via the link below where you will find more information about our operational milestones from last year and more in-depth insights into refugee experiences.


Looking back at our work over the past year, 2018 was full of promising achievements as well as challenging obstacles for MOAS. We celebrated the four-year anniversary of the launch of our very first mission in the Mediterranean and continued to expand our work in Bangladesh where, by the end of the year, our medical teams had treated over 90,000 patients.

We also saw the launch of our observation mission in the Andaman to monitor maritime developments in the Rohingya refugee crisis. The mission aided the expansion of our Search and Rescue (SAR) capacity and highlighted the necessity to bring the Rohingya crisis to the forefront of international attention. In 2018 we delivered crucial flood training in the aid stations and our partner research organisation Xchange published multiple reports which provided an insight into life for Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazaar and attitudes towards repatriation.

However, we were also saddened by the mortality rate for Mediterranean crossings, with over 2000 deaths from this route last year. We continue to be disappointed in the continued neglect of the Human Rights of vulnerable migrants worldwide, from the appalling conditions for those detained in Libya to the ongoing failure to uphold the rights of stateless Rohingya refugees. Yet despite these challenges MOAS continues to advocate for displaced people worldwide and we were therefore pleased to announce the launch of our campaign to deliver pharmaceutical aid and famine relief to Yemen at the end of the year.

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