MOAS calls to save lives of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants stranded at sea

Humanitarian organisation MOAS is deeply concerned about the hundreds of refugees still adrift in the Andaman Sea without adequate food, water or sanitation.

It saddens us that we are currently unable to provide humanitarian assistance to these people and we remind the governments of Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia that all States have an obligation under international law to rescue people in distress at sea. In addition and beyond the legal obligation MOAS believes that we all have a moral obligation to people in distress.  At sea this is an age old tradition that existed before any legislation was enacted.

The MOAS search and rescue operation is currently deployed in the Mediterranean, which sees thousands of refugees drowning every year trying to cross world’s deadliest border. As this phenomenon continues to grow globally, we plan to extend our operations to other parts of the world, or at least to inspire other to take on similar initiatives. To support MOAS’ cause please visit