MOAS and Sea-Eye Announce Conclusion of their Search and Rescue (SAR) Partnership


A decision was taken this week to bring to a conclusion to the partnership between Sea-Eye and MOAS. Both organizations remain committed to saving lives at sea and to the humanitarian mandate to which they both adhere.

Although the partnership will not result in a joint operation for 2021, we believe that the strategic planning and procedural collaboration that took place in the months preceding mission launch has benefited both parties.

The differing ideologies and methodologies brought to the partnership have provided opportunities for learning and growth on both sides.

However, it has been decided that it would be of mutual benefit for either party to proceed independently in developing operational interventions at this time.

Regina Catrambone said: ” SAR is about cooperation amongst all actors at sea, land and air, in order to save the greatest number of lives possible when it matters the most.” She added, “We hope that this short but effective cooperation together with Sea-Eye, has provided additional advice and expertise in order for them to save the greatest amount of lives in the Central Med with their upcoming operation.”

Gordon Isler, Sea-Eye CEO said:It was an honor and privilege to work with the talented team at MOAS and we thank them graciously for their time and collaboration which will benefit our mission to go forward.” He added, “Our team have benefited tremendously from the information and expertise provided by MOAS. We feel more prepared than ever to undertake these critical SAR missions.

MOAS is dedicated to the stability and sustainability of its ongoing global operations, as well as to its continued focus on the Mediterranean migration phenomenon. MOAS fully intends to continue to place emphasis on its campaign to increase and expand #SafeAndLegalRoutes for those in need of safety and protection, while also exploring other opportunities for returning to add capacity and expertise to SAR efforts in the Mediterranean.



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