Innovation and technology in support of good causes

Today we live in an increasingly technological and virtual world. People are constantly connected to the internet, they navigate a world full of data, and information is easily accessible. It should become a priority for third sector’s operators to utilise the tools made available by digital transformation, to maximise potential. Technological innovation allows humanitarian organisations to carry out their activities smoothly and effectively, improving their external communication, management of fundraising and relationship-building with their supporters.

Using digital tools, nonprofit organisations can also measure campaign performance and understand how to leverage their resources efficiently. By improving skills through digital transformation, nonprofits could:

  • create more efficient services;
  • implement the development of its own network;
  • increase fundraising;
  • improve the pursuit of objectives;
  • have greater influence on policy makers and the media;
  • attract new talent.

MOAS and technological innovation

Since its foundation, MOAS has believed that technology supports good causes: the combination of the humanitarian sphere and technological tools helps to make field missions more effective, to reach more vulnerable people and to improve the techniques of rescue and best practices. During our search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, between 2014 and 2017, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technological tools including drones, it was possible to save the lives of over 40,000 children, women and men who risked drowning in the sea. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, technology and digital tools have helped us once again. Thanks to the Remote Learning Project, we have in fact distributed tablets and modems with Internet connection to the families of migrant students to help them follow the lessons online and keep up with their education.

New opportunities offered by innovation – the MOAS app

Innovation, technology and digital assets have become even more relevant in the past couple of years, as restrictions related to COVID-19 have severely limited live events and opportunities to meet donors and people supporting humanitarian organizations. The online world has therefore undergone a major acceleration in every sector.

Taking into account these new needs and trends, MOAS has come up with a creative and innovative way of communicating by launching a new app to share stories and initiatives, to build a supportive community, promote initiatives, to advocate and create a network for collaboration and partnership with other organisations.

The app envisaged by Maria Luisa Catrambone, MOAS spokesperson, allows users to have easy and immediate access to MOAS content via mobile or tablet, also meeting those who do not have a computer and therefore expanding the audience of people reached. Users can now access many functions, including:

  • To make known the projects and to give information on each of them;
  • Access blogs and articles related to MOAS fields of activity, such as migration, humanitarian trends and development initiatives;
  • Access the photo section and share your experiences through the ‘Community’ section;
  • Make a donation to support a project. The application allows donors to choose the project they prefer and support it;
  • Access and explore social media channels and become a follower;
  • Read and sign the appeals, such as the one for the implementation of #VieSicureELegali di migration;
  • Watch Videos and listen to podcasts;
  • access copies of publications, such as MOAS Magazine, the MOAS magazine.

Final remarks

The app is versatile and can be implemented with new features and services, to make the user experience smooth and essential. All this facilitates contact with supporters, as it is a way to have all the information related to the activities at hand, in a simple and clear way. It is therefore also a way to maintain a constant bond with those who support us and with all those interested in contributing to humanitarian causes.

Furthermore, the app is an innovative and practical tool to spread the MOAS message and to make its existence and mission known, in order to broaden the audience of people who wish to network.

Through it, new supporters can be inspired or while those who are already interested in the organisation’s activities can be informed about new important aid projects.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Apple Store:
Google Play:

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