Easter of Solidarity

Fundraising is on our minds more than usual during the month of April. Following the flurry of activity of the Christmas period, there is always a lull at the start of the year while charities conclude their reporting and stewardship from the holiday season, close the financial year and begin to implement the strategies for the new period. Once we approach springtime we are running at full speed through our pre-planned campaigns and are again looking to our global community of supporters for inspiration and motivation- and you guys never disappoint. We are always amazed and excited by your ideas for fundraising campaigns and activities and for hearing about all the ways your communities are engaging with our advocacy issues and facilitating important and life-changing conversations with one another.

This year these activities are particularly important, in light of the significant and highly important program developments that came upon us unexpectedly with the launch of our Ukraine mission. This operation has absorbed the majority of MOAS’ untied resources and has put our HQ team under enormous pressure, stretching our capacity to the maximum. The escalating crisis and deteriorating conditions for civilians in Ukraine, means that MOAS has had to scale up operations in the country far beyond anything we were initially planning when we launched.

The MOAS team is once again following in the spirit of our Founders, who have always pushed us to achieve the maximum in the face of such human need. As a result, we are exploiting our lean, flexible and adaptable project models to generate a huge impact on the ground as we deploy over 22 emergency response vehicles and tactical medics in mobile medical units across the country.

As we push forward with these life-saving activities, as well as our pre-existing portfolio of programs, such as Disaster Risk Reduction (Fire Safety and Flood and Water Safety Training and Response), malnutrition response deliveries, pharma aid provisions, remote learning and integration programs and so on, we need your help, support and motivation more than ever. We are committed to continuing to respond to all needs as they arise and develop and it’s vital that we be able to balance our resources across the communities we serve, so as not to create a hierarchy within our project list. MOAS and our administrative and field teams are responsible to those we pledge to reach with our programs and it’s a responsibility we take incredibly seriously.

Please consider how you can best support MOAS at this challenging time. Are you able to donate to a cause that is close to your heart? Visit www.moas.eu/donate and give what you can today. Would you like to organize a community fundraising activity to raise awareness and generate funds from your network at the same time? Think about launching a fundraiser on social media or go to https://www.moasfundraising.com/campaigns/ to set up a campaign. Do you have a special talent or skill you think might help our team? Donate hours of your time remotely by emailing us at [email protected]. Spread the word and keep up to date with our work by signing up to our newsletter and following us on socials. You can also do lots of these things in the same place now by downloading the MOAS app for free and joining our interactive community of supporters.

If you are engaging with MOAS or any of the topics and crises we are involved in we’d love to hear from you. Please share your conversations, activities and engagement with us so we can promote your work and use your efforts to motivate and inspire others as they join our global network of advocates, fundraisers and supporters. Your voice, actions and donations are what keep organizations like ours going. Please never underestimate the power of your own capacity to contribute to the work of your favourite charities.

If you’d like ideas on how you can get involved or want to talk to a member of our team about your plans and get advice and guidance on how to have the best outcomes, please email today at [email protected].