MOAS launches the app so that users can find out more about its initiatives around the world and make a donation to support marginalised communities.

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MOAS is proud to announce the release of its brand-new app The ultimate way to discover MOAS’ missions and initiatives around the world and make a donation to support the most vulnerable communities in areas of crisis.

Both simple and intuitive, the app features a Project section dedicated to giving users all the most up-to-date information about what we do and the people we support.  The MOAS “donate” button allows users to provide immediate support and actively contribute to bringing vital aid to families, children and displaced people in need.

The Advocacy section is ideal to join the global campaign for #SafeAndLegalRoutes and sign the petition for the implementation of safe and legal means of migration, so that vulnerable people do not have to risk their lives in search of safety.

The MOAS app user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. It provides users with the opportunity to read MOAS’ latest news and stay up to date with MOAS initiatives with just a simple tap. Through the Community section, it is possible to share comments, photos, ideas and join a group of supporters that want to make a difference.

The user can:

  • Learn about MOAS’ projects around the world and find information about each one
  • Access the MOAS blog and articles about migration, humanitarian trends and development initiatives
  • Access the photo section and share their experiences in the Community section
  • Make a donation to support a project. The mobile app allows donors to choose the projectthat ignites their hearts to support.
  • Access and explore our social media channels and become a follower
  • Read and sign the appeal for the implementation of #SafeAndLegalRoutes of migration

With the MOAS app, giving is as simple as tapping a button on the mobile phone. As an example, 10€ will buy a life-saving throw-bag, a vital piece of equipment for the Flood and Water Safety Training. 37€ provides a malnutrition treatment for one undernourished child in Yemen, Somalia or Syria. But any donation counts, no matter if small or big.

Maria Luisa Catrambone, MOAS Spokesperson and creator of the app, states: “We at MOAS believe that technology can help good causes. Through the app our supporters can donate quickly, easily and securely and become part of the MOAS community. The app is designed to have all the information relating to MOAS activities at your fingertips, in a simple and clear way. It is therefore also a way to maintain a constant link with our supporters and people interested in contributing to the humanitarian causes we deal with”.