Have you heard about the MOAS Family Hosting and Sponsorship Project? In 2019, we launched a hosting initiative to support migrants in Malta, to bolster the provision of safe housing and support for migrants in Malta and the facilitation of long-term integration and independence for individuals within the country’s migrant community that want to study. Would you be interested in participating, or would like to find out more? 

What is family hosting?

It’s simple! The family hosting project provides migrants with a safe housing option where they are given the support to integrate into the community and gain independence. The family opens up their home for 1-year and provides a supportive environment for the participant to feel welcomed so that they can focus on their education in Malta. 

Who can be a host?

We encourage hosts to apply who can commit to the project for a minimum of 12 months, so that the participant can feel at home and settled during this time.

The accommodation must be free of charge to the participant, and they will need to have a private room within the family home, with access to toilet and shower facilities. This is all about making the participant feel as at home at possible so it should be a caring and non-judgmental space. Internet will need to be provided and independent access to the home via a key is essential. 

Can we meet the participant beforehand?

The participant will be someone with lived experience as an Asylum Seeker or migrant and the MOAS Social Worker will work with the families and participants to go through the process and match people accordingly. We will be with you throughout the journey, providing support and training across the whole project. You will meet the person beforehand, and make sure you both feel comfortable moving ahead with the Host project. 

What if I want to help, but I can’t provide a home environment? 

If you are interested in supporting participants on their education journey in Malta, but you’re not sure if you can commit to sharing your home for 1-year, that’s fine! We are also running a sponsorship programme that might be the right option for you. 

This would also be a 1-year programme where you are matched with a beneficiary from the migrant community, to offer a safe and inclusive support system. This programme is aimed at facilitating connections across the community and supporting beneficiaries with pursuing their education. You would meet with the participant 3-4 times a month, including them in activities and being their advocate with service providers when needed, and provide support for their educational development and integration. MOAS would support you throughout the process!

For Participants: 

Have you got lived experience of being an asylum seeker, refugee or migrant? 

Are you an adult between the age 18-30 years old at the time of commencement? Are you available for the 1-year duration? Do you plan to be staying and studying in Malta? Then this project is for you! Why not sign up to the family hosting or sponsorship programme. 

What does the family hosting project involve?

You will be provided with a safe and stable home for 1 year, receiving food and household necessities along with a small stipend of minimum 30 euros a week. During this time, you must pursue your education during this period, and you are encouraged to get involved in family activities. Make sure to keep in contact with the family and MOAS on a regular basis so that we can work together to better support you. 

What does the sponsorship programme involve?

This is different to the hosting project, you will not be staying in the family home but you will be provided with informal support for 1-year. You will meet with the sponsor 3-4 times a month, for different activities which you’re interested in. It’s really important that you pursue your education during this period and you are encouraged to get involved in activities together as much as possible. This is all about keeping regular contact with MOAS and the sponsor, to make sure we can all work together to facilitate your support. 

Can I participate for less than 1- year? 

To be eligible to take part in this project, you would need to be in Malta for the full year as this programme is all about long-term integration support, we hope it can help you feel more settled and supported here and can get used to using different services in-country. We believe that this process cannot be rushed, and we hope that anyone involved can commit their time and really get engaged in all aspects of the project! 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or you have any more questions about what the project involves, then please get in touch with MOAS and we can help arrange a meeting with you! 

Contact MOAS at: [email protected] to discuss further! 

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