8 Years Together: Celebrating the MOAS Anniversary

On August 25th in 2014, for the first time in history, MOAS launched a private Search and Rescue initiative in the Central Mediterranean to rescue people who risked their lives at sea during desperate attempts to reach Europe’s borders. It has been 8 years since that day, and thanks to your support, we have continued to provide help and assistance to the most vulnerable people and communities in the world.

Between 2014 and 2017, we saved the lives of 40,000 children, women and men in the Central Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. These were people forced to risk their lives searching for sanctuary. Since then, we have also advocated for #SafeAndLegalRoutes, regularised pathways that can ensure safe passage for people in need of international protection, that do not force them to put their lives at risk.

Throughout the years, we have also supported people facing desperate realities and  fleeing persecution in Myanmar. We have fed, consoled, and provided aid to those needing it most. More than 90,000 people from the host community and Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh have received life-saving medical aid from the MOAS team. In refugee camps worldwide, we provide empowering Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) training and equipment so the community can better prepare for fires and flooding. MOAS continues to train refugee volunteers on how to use bespoke firefighting and water safety equipment both safely and effectively, so that they can better support the community. The training offered by MOAS’ team has empowered both men and women volunteers to up-skill and gain useful qualifications. Anyone has the right to feel safe in their community, and through the MOAS programme they can play an essential role in saving lives during camp emergencies.

MOAS is also present in Yemen and Somalia, countries where prolonged conflict, political crises, economic instability, climate change and food insecurity are putting millions of
innocent lives at risk. Since 2019, we have delivered essential medicine and nutritional supplements to treat acute child malnutrition, to help mitigate the impacts of these stressors and help families rebuild their lives. This has been possible through our partnerships with Edesia Nutrition, ADRA Yemen and International Medical Corps Somalia.

MOAS also runs innovative projects in Malta. In response to the COVID 19 pandemic which gripped the whole world, we launched mask projects in Bangladesh and Malta to support vulnerable communities who didn’t have access to basic protection. In addition, we also launched the Remote Learning Project that allows many children in Maltese migrant camps to continue their education during the pandemic. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to a fulfilling education, and despite the pandemic and all the difficulties it posed, this project allowed children to follow lessons remotely, as all the families involved were provided with tablets, modems and stable internet connection. The project has continued to evolve, with MOAS investing in longer-term integration and educational initiatives for refugees living in Malta.

On the Island, MOAS’ Family Hosting and Sponsorship project, and the upcoming Information and Learning Centre, aim to enrich collaboration across the community and support people to feel at home and at peace. The goal of the Hosting Project is to enable young migrants to pursue their education while being supported by local families ready to offer accommodation and security. The Sponsorship allows individuals and families who are unable to host young migrants, to support with their integration and orientation. With the upcoming opening of Information and Learning Centres, we are committed to providing essential skills to those living in Hal Far refugee camps. The brand-new centres are equipped with computers, books and other learning tools and residents will have access to educational opportunities, training, professional activities, CV writing workshops and job orientation support!

Alarmed by spreading violence in Ukraine, where thousands of lives have been completely uprooted, MOAS provides emergency medical care, pharmaceutical aid and first aid services to people affected by the escalation of violence. On 25 February 2022, we started emergency evacuations of injured civilians and people who required specialised medical care. Since, thanks to our amazing doctors and paramedics, nurses, drivers and all the staff, our fleet of 27 emergency vehicles is providing extensive emergency medical care in country. We are also present, thanks to our partner Ronald McDonald House Charity Latvia, with a fully equipped mobile clinic to provide primary health care to civilians in need.

Together, we are creating a community that believes in the importance of solidarity. A community which is committed to building bridges, not walls. Together, through our actions, we can oppose the indifference and inertia that often dominate our society. MOAS will continue to work tirelessly in delivering humanitarian relief where it is most needed and to support children, women and men in need.

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