Part Time Social Worker based in Malta

Job Description

Department: Operations

Reports to: Director & Project Manager

Job Location: Malta

Job Summary:

We are looking for an experienced and compassionate social worker to help serve the migrant communities that we assist. The social worker will be involved in a variety of activities to support vulnerable migrants affected by different issues, such as neglect, mental health issues and general health needs etc. This will include contacting and making referrals to other agencies and entities.

Moreover, the social worker will work on the Malta Family Hosting Project. This initiative will see Maltese families matched with asylum seekers for a 1-year home placement to facilitate local integration, and transition into the local community. The social worker will assist with the matching of participants to the host family, and relationship management throughout the project. The social worker is expected to be able to work with vulnerable groups and maintain consistent support for families and participants on this journey.

Key Duties:

  • Assess potential beneficiaries and review their cases
  • Get host participants involved in beneficial activities for the beneficiary
  • Write up-to-date reports of the activities
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Participate in training, supervision and regular meetings between involved parties
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Contact and make referrals to other agencies and services
  • Assist with participant selection based on the project criteria and suitability of applicants to the home-stay characteristics of the project.
  • Match approved families with participants based on family dynamics, participant’s needs etc
  • Monitor the wellbeing of both the host and participants throughout the homestay, through regular monitoring visits and check-ins
  • Mediate between parties as needed, help MOAS key workers to resolve issues or raise concerns to project management etc.
  • Facilitate the host family’s support of, and participant’s engagement in, integration activities throughout the year (such as language classes, educational opportunities, social activities etc.)
  • Prepare host family and participant for re-integration into wider society during the final quarter of the year

Key Attributes

  • Minimum 2-year experience as a fully qualified Social Worker
  • Must be fluent in written and spoken English
  • Strong communication skills and ability to empathise with diverse populations and groups
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social Work or related field
  • Must be an empathetic individual who can deal with complex social dynamics
  • Work experience with an NGO focusing on humanitarian aid is an asset
  • Experience working with asylum seekers asnd refugees is an asset
  • Ability to analyse information and write clear, concise and structured summaries
  • A good team player, able to work with people at all levels
  • Flexible to change and adaptable
  • Ability to work with vulnerable communities and support families through challenging circumstances


A remuneration package is being offered on a per-hour basis. Expenses linked to the carrying out of project activities, approved in advance by the finance department, will also be reimbursed.


To apply please send a CV and cover letter to [email protected] . Candidates must be qualified social workers with the licence to practice in Malta.



Employment Type

Part Time


Based on experience and skills

Minimum Experience

2 years