Malta, 15th March 2021. – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to seriously impact life in Malta and cause new restrictions to be put in place, MOAS is continuing its tireless work to support the most vulnerable people on the island. This time, MOAS delivered more than 400 face masks and 1000 bottles of hand sanitizer gel to several organisations that assist communities in need in Malta, including Peace Lab, Osanna Pia and Emigrants Commission, who have expressed their gratitude for this useful donation in such difficult times.

This has been made possible thanks to the support of The BioArte Ltd, which donated the hand sanitiser, and of our donors that continue to show their support towards our initiatives. A special thanks goes to our fantastic team of 140 volunteers, who have generously donated their talent, time and support to produce the masks over the last year. All masks are environmentally friendly, made of washable and reusable cotton and use a triple layer of fabric for greater protective effectiveness.


Regina Catrambone, MOAS Director, stated: “Since last year, MOAS has been contributing to the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic with several projects in Malta. We are very grateful to all the donors and the volunteers that contributed their efforts to the making of about 10,000 reusable masks so far. MOAS acts for the greater benefit of the Maltese people and of the communities most in need, including migrants, and is committed to offer support in any possible way. In difficult times like these, showing solidarity is paramount, because staying unified and helping each other is the only way we can beat this virus.”

The latest phase of the #MOASMasksMalta initiative means almost 10,000 masks have been delivered through the project so far, after 6610 masks were distributed in the first round during 2020, while more than 3000 have now been delivered in this second round.




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About MOAS 

MOAS is an international humanitarian organization founded by the Catrambone family in 2013 and dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance and services to the most vulnerable communities around the world. Since its inception, MOAS has reached hundreds of thousands of people through its activities. After several Search and Rescue missions in the Mediterranean Aegean and Andaman seas, MOAS expanded its operations to Bangladesh, to assist Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar and the local host community. Today MOAS is currently also involved in several missions in Yemen and Somalia assisting the most vulnerable communities by delivering nutritional and medical aid. MOAS also operates in Malta with various projects to assist migrant communities. With the #SafeAndLegalRoutes campaign, MOAS is advocating to governments and international institutions to fight exploitative and dangerous migration routes and human trafficking by increasing safe and legal pathways of migration that exist on paper but are not sufficiently supported practice to allow the most vulnerable people to safely reach the countries of destination. MOAS has consultative status of Ecosoc and is member of the Malta Refugee Council.