MOAS rescue off shores of Libya, April 14, 2017. REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

A new tragedy takes place at the gates of Europe. Seven migrants died of hypothermia in an attempt to reach safety in Europe. The victims were of Bengali nationality, three of them died on the boat that carried them, four others during the rescue operations carried out by the Italian Coast Guard. Once again, innocent victims see their hopes for a better life shattered against the barriers of indifference in Europe. A Europe that, more and more frequently, closes itself off by erecting walls, borders and barriers.

In expressing its condolences to the victims’ families, MOAS reiterates that we must not remain indifferent to human suffering. People should not die in the cold, waiting for a rescue. We should not turn our heads the other way when we receive desperate pleas for help. In recent years, too many women, children, and men have already lost their lives while trying to save themselves and their families, looking for a better future.

We must remain united and ensure that a diverse #SafeAndLegalRoutes system is implemented. This should include expanded humanitarian corridors, visas for family reunification, study, work or health. Those fleeing wars, famines, persecution and poverty should be able to reach their destination legally, without risking their life.