MOAS Launches Humanitarian Relief Effort for Ukraine

MOAS announces the launch of a new humanitarian program designed to bring medical relief and first response services to civilians affected by the escalating violence in Ukraine. From 25th February 2022, MOAS has representatives present in the field and is working to deploy Mobile Medical Teams to the crisis-affected region, alongside ambulance services and pharmaceutical aid. MOAS will coordinate its efforts with the wider Humanitarian Response Coordinators as part of Health Cluster activities.

 Emerging information on the widespread impact on the Ukrainian civilian population of the Russian invasion over the past 48 hours is both worrying and utterly unacceptable.” Says MOAS co-founder and Director, Regina Catrambone.Our sincerest hope was for a democratic and non-violent conclusion to the activities of the past months, but in light of the new military action and the intense risk it brings to children, women and men across the country, our focus must now be on rapidly deploying aid and humanitarian services in support of those in need. MOAS and our teams are doing all we can to ensure we intervene efficiently and effectively to the best of our ability and will continue to do so for as long as we are able.”

With over 854,000 Ukrainians already internally displaced, it is estimated that up to 5 million people may be forced to flee the country in search of safety over the coming weeks, with more than 100,000 already evacuated from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. MOAS’ experience in service provision for displaced communities and rapid response in the face of emergent crises makes it a leader in the field and the team are fully committed to lending capacity in the face of this historic human tragedy.

MOAS urges neighbouring nations to establish a solid and efficient reception mechanism for those fleeing the violence with full access to the asylum system as needed. With Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic declaring their readiness to welcome Ukrainian refugees, we hope other European nations will follow suit in a demonstration of the unity and solidarity that the Union represents.

Not since the second world war has Europe faced such a crisis of democracy and security and it is vital that civil society, non-governmental entities, and international state representatives stand together in strength and support of the Ukrainian nation and its people.

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