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American artist Kelly White realised an exclusive collection of artworks inspired by MOAS activities and by the campaign for Safe and Legal Routes.

Kelly will be donating the proceeds from the sale of her art pieces to MOAS, to support the missions to assist vulnerable communities in the world and alleviate human suffering.

Each artwork is inspired by the specific examples of Safe and Legal Routes advocated in MOAS’ campaign and represent a different legal pathway of migration.

Family Reunification Visas, Student Visas, Work Visas, Medical Visas, Humanitarian Visas, Humanitarian Corridors, Private Sponsorship

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I created Kaleidoscope of Solidarity, a 12-piece art collection inspired by the MOAS Safe and Legal Routes campaign, with the intent to advocate, educate and to raise funds. Proceeds will further the Safe and Legal Routes work of MOAS and support their to help migrant communities around the world.

Besides a visually stunning toy, a kaleidoscope is both a succession of changing phases or actions and the noun which identifies a collective group of butterflies. Kaleidoscope of Solidarity is dedicated to illuminating seven Safe and Legal Routes from the MOAS Campaign; Family Reunification Visas, Student Visas, Work Visas, Medical Visas, Humanitarian Visas, Humanitarian Corridors, and Private Sponsorship. Additional pieces depict the people and politics of the migration phenomenon.

Butterflies are a prominent metaphor in Kaleidoscope of Solidarity. Telling the stories of those affected by the migration phenomenon they represent, Courage, Transformation, Endurance and Hope. Created from tinted, poured resin and cut by hand, they are found in various scenarios of distress and freedom. The butterflies are intended to soften the interpretation the viewer may experience and cultivate empathetic association. The barriers to and need for safe and legal routes and the challenges of forced migration are expressed with materials such as shattered tempered glass, chards, and barbed wire.

Through manipulation of these mediums and metaphors Kaleidoscope of Solidarity shows the life-shattering reality of migrants and asylum-seekers who have fled their countries due to persecution, war, or violence, risking their lives in perilous crossings by land and sea.

In partnership with MOAS, I aim to inspire hopefulness and empower action until every person has the ability and resources to access safe and legal routes in order to live safely and soundly.

Behind the inspiration, interview with Kelly White


Kelly White’s work is varied and explorative; writing, painting, layered work with wax and ephemera, porcelain, and rebuilding small vintage trailers.

Deeply affected by the people and places experienced while volunteering -leading teams to developing countries building safe and decent housing in underserved communities, her dedicated work in 12 countries on 15 service projects and founding UPandUP Project heavily influences the evolution and intentionality of her work.

Kelly’s art is devoted to the same principles as her international work; connecting and serving, fostering awareness, curiosity, and empathy, and raising funds in order to fortify humanity. Her work demonstrates stories and the healing possibilities of the effects of global cultural and social interaction and challenges the walls we are prone to construct between Self and Other.


We are so grateful to our MOAS ambassador Kelly White for undertaking this initiative to raise awareness about our tireless efforts to save lives and alleviate the suffering of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, and for donating the proceeds from the sale of her work to our mission.

Art overcomes all barriers. Art lifts the soul. Forms of art including paintings, sculptures and music are vastly significant ways to overcome the walls of indifference and cross the borders that we have in our hearts and minds. Like love, art has no borders.

Regina Catrambone
MOAS Director