The Gift That Keeps on Giving

This season is a time to take stock of the year that has passed, look at our achievements and our challenges and prepare ourselves for the year ahead. At MOAS it is also a time for each of us to give thanks for the incredible privilege we live each day and remind ourselves that there are still many more children, women and men in desperate need of aid and assistance in crisis affected communities around the world.

Our Christmas video this year is a beautiful and poignant reminder to us all that this is the season of giving and that others, with much less than ourselves, find ways to share and support one another even in the darkest of times. Inspired by the brave, strong, resilient communities we work with on a daily basis ‘The Gift’ serves to lead by example and encourage us all to make sure we think about those in need this holiday season.

MOAS is a relatively small organization with a lean budget so we spend as little as possible on our PR, fundraising and communications efforts. This means that over the years we’ve been operational we’ve worked with some absolutely incredible artists, designers and technicians who have donated their work to us and used their talents to help us spread the message of hope, humanity and solidarity we so believe in. This video was made as a donation to MOAS by an incredible group of creatives from Stork Films for our holiday appeal. We were all touched by the dedication of their team and by the way in which they captured, so perfectly, MOAS’ festive message for 2018.

As MOAS launches its newest campaign to deliver aid and medical services to Yemen, as well as continuing on with our work in Bangladesh, we hope our donor community will continue to give so that we can be there for those who need it most. We thank you for being there with us every step of the way and hope you’ll continue with us along this journey.

If you like ‘The Gift’ please share it online and spread our message. If you want to give a gift and support MOAS’ missions please donate here for our Yemen campaign and here for our Bangladesh and general programming.