Give yourself the gift of giving


A year into the pandemic many of us are feeling we’ve given all we’ve got to give over the past months; keeping positive – or just keeping going – in the face of loss, change and restrictions. Fundraising or supporting charities may be the last things on our minds, but the pandemic has also brought out the best of human adaptability and resilience. We’ve been reminded of the heart-lifting emotions that arise when we support each other through difficult times.

So, this week MOAS wants to explore the positive ways in which we can get involved in the joy of giving even while dealing with job losses, income reductions and being stuck at home in lockdown. The psychological benefits of helping others are scientifically proven. Studies consistently show that one of the fastest and most successful ways to make yourself happier is to do something nice for someone else and during this pandemic we need all happiness in our lives we can get!

For those of us who’ve seen our social lives shrink dramatically during lockdown, spending our extra time fundraising or offering other forms of support can also help us fill our lives with interesting and fun activities while giving us the opportunity to engage with other people and maybe even make some new friends.

If you’re seeking inspiration, you need only turn to British Captain Sir Tom Moore, who sadly recently passed away – but what a legacy he left! Shortly before his 100th birthday last year, Captain Tom decided to raise 1,000 GBP for the UK’s National Health Service by walking 100 laps of his garden. He inspired people so much he ended up raising more than 30 million pounds!

His story tells us that there are so many ways we can all help, even if we face constraints in our own lives. So, this Easter, here are some ways we can activate our sense of community and support MOAS’ work.

Setting up fundraising campaigns

MOAS is largely a privately funded organization. We rely on donations from the public and our amazing community of supporters to keep our operations afloat. If you are willing to support our work and missions in your own way, you could try to set up your own fundraising campaign. The traditional bake sales, birthday collections or garage sales are normally a great way to raise awareness for the cause. With ongoing restrictions due to COVID-19, these classical fundraisers might seem more complicated to organise, but as we know, pandemic life is all about adaptability! Use your creativity to set up virus-free online campaigns, events, or anything that you would like to do to raise money for your favourite causes. And if you’re engaging with others and need to wear a mask – why not consider making your own and selling some to help your fundraising?

MOAS has set up our very own fundraising platform to help you create these kinds of campaigns and share them with your friends and family. You will find all the material and guidelines that you need there but reach out to us at [email protected] if you’d like any more support. After all we’re all here to help each other! You can also start a fundraising campaign on Facebook for MOAS, it’s very easy to raise money to celebrate your birthday or mark any other occasion.

Purchasing art

If organising fundraisers is not your thing, why not consider investing in some amazing artwork from our first Artist-In-Residence Kelly Be’s “Kaleidoscope of Solidarity” collection? Kelly created 12 marvellous artworks inspired by MOAS’ activities and our advocacy campaign for #SafeAndLegalRoutes. All the proceeds from each sale directly support MOAS missions around the world. It’s true that giving to others bring happiness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself another happiness-boosting gift in the process. By purchasing one of Kelly’s works you get to add an amazing piece to your collection while supporting a fantastic cause at the same time!

Check Kelly’s work here.collage with kelly

Taxes: 5×1000

Feeling taxed by your tax return paperwork? At least take some satisfaction in knowing some of your money is going to support a great cause of your own choice. Many countries offer opportunities to donate part of your taxes to locally registered charities or similar schemes. MOAS is participating in Italy’s tax contribution scheme Cinque Per Mille and also has tax-status in USA, UK, Germany and Malta. Check with your tax authority or state contribution mechanisms to see how you can participate!


Legacy giving

If you are not in a position to donate now, but think you’d like to leave a gift to your favourite charity in your will, then Legacy Giving might be for you. It’s important to check how Legacy Giving works in your own country as some have laws to govern the practice and ensure gifts of this kind are freely given.

Here’s MOAS’ beginners guide to Legacy Giving. Reach out for more information today at [email protected].

Donating skills and advocacy

What’s your talent? If you have particular skill you think could be useful in supporting our cause then let us know. We are particularly keen to connect with people who can help with content creation, translations, or digital marketing, but we’re open to ideas and offers! We are currently trying to create a global network of volunteers and supporters who can help us reach new audiences and raise awareness of our work among as many people as possible.

Don’t underestimate the power of promoting and advocating for the causes you care about. Doing something as simple as sharing an article is a real act of solidarity. Our social media platforms are essential for us to promote our work and raise awareness of our ongoing operations.

The easiest way to support us?

It only takes a click! Share our content with your friends and spread the word about everything MOAS is doing to assist and support vulnerable communities around the world.

To make sure you are up to date with all our latest activities, follow MOAS on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, LinkedIn and sign up to our newsletter.

We truly believe that every one of us can make a significant difference to others. We can do that through our own activities or by supporting civil society organizations which are striving to bring about positive changes in the world. If the ideas above sound appealing, but you would rather simply donate, you can give what you can at