Easter Message from our Director


This year, for Easter I wish that brotherhood, mercy and solidarity will be resurrected, since these feelings have been replaced by a dangerous and inhuman egoism.

Last year, MOAS was out at sea engaged in one of the most complicated rescues ever with the comfort of Father Regamy from Cologne who was on board to support us. Now, in 2018, we are working in Bangladesh to bring medical care and humanitarian aid to Rohingya refugees and the local host community.

Since August 25th 2017,more than 671,000 Rohingya  have crossed the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh.  These new arrivals have joined an established refugee community, bringing greater strain to the resources of a lower-middle income country that is often hit by natural disasters.

However, in spite of the many challenges involved in welcoming such a huge number of desperate people, Bangladesh has never closed its borders. In spite of the inadequate support received from the international community, Bangladesh is doing its very best to welcome Rohingya brothers and sisters who have survived unspeakable violence and desperate journeys; now, the country is working hard to face an even greater challenge. Soon, cyclone season will hit the country, followed by the monsoon season, which will further exacerbate both the death toll and the scale of damage across the country. This threatens to destroy the weak balance achieved on the ground so far.

My biggest hope is that this year bravery will resurrect: the bravery of those working to improve the world, of those serving the most vulnerable people, of those who refuse to surrender to the dangerous growth of indifference and evil. So, I hope that our humanity will finally be resurrected, and that we will look at people as members of a single human family we all belong to. We must keep hope alive in our hearts and in the hearts of those who suffer.

Easter and its message of resurrection remind us that, even in the darkest and most desperate times of our life, we are not alone. We can rely both on divine love and on the support of each woman and man who tirelessly works to make this world a fairer and more welcoming place.

In the darkness of a dangerous indifference and inhuman racism, let’s foster kindness and spread a sorely-needed message of peace, hope, mercy and solidarity.

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