A Giving Tuesday Message From Our Team


MOAS has been participating in Giving Tuesday, an online fundraising event originating in the USA as a response to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, since 2015. Our team has been pulling together campaigns, support and inspirational testimonials and messaging to drive forward our campaigns since then. We’re blessed with an active and supportive donor community and we have been able to implement some incredible programming through the funds collected during this annual event. To read more about the history of Giving Tuesday and MOAS’ past participation in it, please click here.

However, this blog post, on the eve of Giving Tuesady 2019, isn’t an appeal for funds, it is an expression of gratitude. MOAS has always raised the vast majority of its budgets through public campaigns and private donations. This means that we have had the support and backing of individuals who truly believe in our work and our programming, investing in our projects year on year. Countless marathons, bake sales, birthday campaigns and collections have been organized on our behalf by an inspirational and dedicated community of everyday humanitarians who have saved many lives through their donations, awareness raising and advocacy.

It is a privilege for us at MOAS to work with our donors in this way and our overriding feeling within the team is one of gratitude, a feeling often underrated and overlooked. This Giving Tuesday we will be running a very simple campaign raising money to send life-saving ready to use therapeutic foods to Yemen to help them battle malnutrition in the child victims of the ongoing crisis. We’re asking our community to give $10 on Tuesday 3rd December to contribute to a January shipment of aid and in doing so protect the most vulnerable in crisis.



The work we do at MOAS allows us to interact across the globe with inspiring, creative, innovative individuals and organizations working toward meaningful and sustainable solutions to the crises affecting them and their communities. Although this work is rewarding and meaningful, we must also acknowledge that such interventions are only needed due to the hardships being experienced by persecuted, marginalized and vulnerable groups. At MOAS HQ in Europe we are grateful for the relative peace and stability in which we operate and we strive to remember that the brunt of war, environmental disaster and political crises are too often borne by the civilians of communities that, like our own, are simply striving toward a safe and prosperous life for them and their loved ones.

This Giving Tuesday, as we continue to push for the support we need to enact our humanitarian programming, we will remain grateful to you, our donors and supporters, for believing in our work and for continuing to stand alongside us as we enact our projects and provide services to those in need of them. We will also owe gratitude to our local and international partners who form a team of organizations working together for the mitigation of suffering and loss of life. It is true that, as a donor funded organization with multiple programs internationally, we often campaign for financial support and this Giving Tuesday will be no exception, but we will, as always, commit those contributions toward operations and use it to reach as many people as possible in the coming months.

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