A Christmas Message From Our Director



With the arrival of Christmas and the festive season we honor the birth of the child Jesus and renew a message of love, hope, brotherhood and acceptance that reaches out to all humanity. A child born in a makeshift shelter because he not welcomed in any home. History repeats itself today in every child forced to flee their own land, in every child who is not welcomed, in every child saved at sea, in every child who suffers from hunger because of war, in every child who lives among the barracks of a refugee camp, in every child invisible because they are stateless.

The Christmas message reminds us not to lose hope and seeks to awaken dormant humanity, leads me to ask all of you to take action and make it Christmas for all, even for those who are less fortunate. In thanking the donors, the MOAS team and all those who helped us to help support our missions in the world, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Regina Catrambone

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