2019 Photo Round-Up

We here at MOAS have been busy this year. This photo blog looks at some of our projects that have been ongoing throughout 2019.

We conducted water safety and flood/ cyclone preparedness training for 1402 Rohingya and host community participants this year.



In 2019 MOAS have overseen the production of 1400 throw-bags – and they’ve already been put into action! In July when a boy in the Teknaf camp found himself in trouble in the water, our volunteers deployed a throw-bag and successfully brought the child to safety. Here you can see our flood safety expert Paul demonstrating how the throw-bags should be used.



Back in April, we showed solidarity with the Alan Kurdi rescue vessel, as they waited for disembarkation instructions just outside Maltese waters with 64 migrants on board. We brought emergency food, water, medicines, and clothing, as well as toys for their youngest guests.



Our flood training programme also provided valuable skills to women in the Rohingya community, some of whom had even been able to pass their skills on through our train-a-trainer program. The Rohingya community in Bangladesh is predominantly made up of women and children and the training is both empowering and capacity building in equal measure.



We also started a partnership this year with ADRA Yemen, allowing us to get much needed food and medical supplies into the country. In our first delivery we supplied 1620 cartons of ready-to-use malnutrition prevention sachets for over 8000 children. Here you can see some of the distribution team at work, making sure our donations reach those most in need.



Basic medical needs are regularly going unmet in Yemen due to the continued violence and unrest. Many vital medicines are in short supply. We worked with our partners to deliver some of the most needed medicines so that the local healthcare teams could continue their vital work.



This year we also began working a project in the local hospital in Malta. The intervention is targeted at those who have been medically evacuated from rescue vessels and those who are sent straight to hospital following local disembarkations. We have been helping by providing the essential supplies, visiting regularly and acting as liaisons with other services.



We also continued our local outreach, to help engage local young people on migration issues. Here you can see our director Regina Catrambone, speaking at the Verdala International School about our work



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