An update from MOAS Malta Projects

MOAS is committed to supporting migrants and refugee communities present in Malta, providing support and assistance for challenges they might face in their daily life. We run several ongoing and evolving projects that include education initiatives and English language classes. Fancy an update on the projects? Read on!

Information and Learning Centre

One of our major initiatives on the island, is the Information and Learning Centres, in Hal Far. Our aim is to equip the space with educational resources such as computers, books and other learning tools. This space will be used by the centre’s residents for formal education, training activities such as language classes, quiet study, and essential tasks such as CV writing, job hunting and registering for online services.

Moreover, MOAS provides tablets, modem and internet connection to migrant families, helping children keep up with their studies. As MOAS co-founder and Director, Regina Catrambone, stated: “Education is the key to giving younger generations a better future.” Having received positive feedback from the beneficiaries, MOAS will continue providing tablets and modems with an internet connection to families residing in the Centres, so young people can attend their online classes and courses.


Classes at Osanna Pia

MOAS continues to provide English lessons at Osanna Pia Salesian Centre, in Malta. The ‘English for Beginners’ course is adapted according to the needs of the attendees, and it focuses on building confidence listening to and speaking English in informal setting. This includes topics like how to use public transport, asking for directions and navigating public services. The course consists of two sessions a week, running from 14th June. If you want to participate to these classes or if you know someone who might be interested, message us on our socials or send an email at [email protected].

Upcoming events as part of the VOPS 2022 Project

As part of the new Integration Through Education and Information project, MOAS is planning a series of activities, events, classes and info sessions on the Island to make a real difference to the local communities, and to stimulate collaboration and networking between voluntary organizations serving the migrant community in Malta. This project has been funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

As Regina Catrambone, MOAS Co-founder and Director, said, we are pleased and grateful for receiving this grant, which will help to improve the integration of the migrant communityVoluntary organisations are an integral part of civil society. Through this project, we aim to strengthen the volunteer sector through capacity building, partnerships, and equality of opportunity”.

We will be planning exciting activities throughout the year! And, we have our first event in just a few weeks. We are organizing an art therapy session for the migrant community at the Ronald McDonald Centre in Qawra. This activity reflects the ‘healing’ theme of World Refugee Day and focuses on creating safe spaces for creativity and reflection. Miyouki Sugihara, an artist working between Malta and Japan, will support the MOAS team in holding the session.

Hospital visits and individual advocacy

MOAS is continuing to provide support to migrants with complex health needs on the island. We organise Hospital Visits to patients receiving treatment, to ensure they felt supported and had access to services; we also provide them with care packages to support them through recovery. We have helped co-ordinate at home care for individuals who need additional support once they return home after treatment.

MOAS works one-to-one with people who have migrated to Malta. Individual advocacy can be as different as the people themselves and so we don’t take a one size fits all approach to service provision, but rather tailor our services to meet the exact needs of the person we are supporting. Over the last few years, we have been supporting a young migrant to settle in Malta. We advocated for him to be appointed a legal guardian as an unaccompanied minor, represented him when carrying out paperwork, supported him during his journey in hospital and advocated on his behalf in case meetings with his medical team. As his needs changed, we adapted our approach to fit his needs. More recently, we helped him secure more supportive accommodation and celebrated his birthday with a gym membership as part of his individual recovery plan.

Family hosting project

The MOAS’ Family Hosting Project is designed to match migrants with Maltese families, so that they had access to holistic support while continuing their education. This is a unique process of integration that focuses on cultural exchange and building connections through participation. This initiative focuses on supporting beneficiaries to gain autonomy and continue their education and make concrete plans for their future. We want participants to be able to actively contribute to society and use the skills and connections they develop through our projects, to facilitate their growth and self-sufficiency within a new social setting. If you want to participate in the project, please send un an email to: [email protected]

Final thoughts

At MOAS we believe that each person deserves to be seen and treated as a unique individual, to have their voice heard and their needs respected. Every day our needs shift and at MOAS, we try to make sure that we have the adaptability and flexibility to meet those needs, so that we may help long-term integration and help people not only rebuild their lives but work towards a future that they want. In Malta, we will continue to expand our initiatives to support the migrant community in any possible way.

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